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God loves you. This is a frequently preached statement. But what does God’s love actually express? Driven by the inner necessity of not being able to perceive this love, the author embarked on an intensive examination of this topic. In the uncompromising reflection on the Word of God, he found words of eternal life that soon became the greatest possible gift. A gift of God’s love, which is meaningful not only after death, but already present. A gift that is too often not seen by believers today. In a Christianity embossed by prosperty with numerous wrong paths, the autor wants to put the gospel of the Kingdom of God in the center again. Not so that we won’t miss heaven in the future, but so that we can find real life today through the wonderful power of an incredible gift – a book for everyone who longs for God’s love!


Andreas Mast, born in 1976, lives in Wildberg (Baden-Württemberg), believes in God, knows depression, works as a tutor, builds guitars and writes books. He studied math and theology for teaching and looks back on two decades of church volunteering. Experiences of his life path provide depth in his works, knowledge of his faith give perspective. The civil service once followed the Abitur, which in turn was attended a short Bible school. The studies in the direction of teaching for primary and secondary schools (mathematics / theology) remained unfinished. While writing and guitar making currently take up a lot of free time, in the past it was filled with volunteer work in the parish and, some time ago, the passion for playing football at the district league level. He started to play the guitar in his youth, then to teach after his studies in order to build his own instruments himself.

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