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Everyone needs hope. Hope is what drives our life. Hope is the motivation to move and do something. To have a confident inner focus and expect good things for the future. Nothing makes sense without hope. When we are without hope we despair, live in worry and fear. Hopelessness, resignation and depression can result.

What are you building your hope on?

Especially in difficult situations, you reach for every straw that promises hope. Someone who is sick needs hope for a cure. Someone who is in financial difficulties needs hope of a job. Someone feeling lonely needs hope to find the right partner. Someone who has family needs hope for the children. Someone who is in emotional need needs hope for help.

Who can give you true, living hope?

Where can I find hope in every situation, a hope that never dies and makes me get up again and again. I only experienced such a hope in my life in Jesus Christ. A hope that always carries, in every difficult circumstance, in every illness, in every failure. He himself is my hope, the one on whom I direct my gaze and it is he who lifts me up again. He is the source of all hope, he keeps what he promises. Jesus always gives new hope, even after death. Faith in Jesus gives me more than hope, it gives me certainty.

“But faith is a firm confidence in what one hopes and a non-doubt of what one does not see.” Hebrews 11: 1

“Faith is the main reason for what one hopes: trust shows what one has not yet” (hope for all translation) Jesus is the greatest hope there is. Disappointments in life leave a void in us, but there is hope. Jesus can fill this void. I find living hope in Jesus. Only he can satisfy my longings.

“Through the mighty power that works within us, God can do infinitely more than we would ever ask or even hope for” Ephesians 3:20

I can have the certainty that no problem is too big for God, my thoughts and feelings come to rest in difficult situations.

“There is still hope in a tree even after it has been felled; fresh shoots grow again from the stump. Even if its roots die in the ground and the stump slowly dries up in the ground, it awakens to new life as soon as it receives water. New shoots shoot up like a young plant ”Job 14,7

No matter what situation we are in – we can hope No matter how hopeless the situation appears – we can hope No matter what the external circumstances may be – we may hope No matter what happens in the world, we can look to the future with hope We have a God of hope Nothing is finally lost, no path blocked for all time. We can look forward to it. We can have peace. We can believe that God is above everything and holds everything in his hand.

“For I know well what thoughts I have about you, says the Lord: Thoughts of peace and not of sorrow, so that I may give you a future and hope” Jeremiah 29:11

“Happy to him whose help is the God of Jacob, who puts his hope in the LORD his God” Psalm 146: 5

We can go forward courageously, fear has lost its power. Despite scary situations, we can still move forward. God is with us. Our hope is Jesus Christ himself, who rose from the dead. He lives – and therefore our hope is also alive. We need hope in all areas of life. God wants to give us this hope. In broken relationships and quarrels, he gives hope for reconciliation through forgiveness. In the event of illness or pain, his hope gives us strength to endure the suffering. When we are lonely and abandoned, we have hope in the love of God, which never leaves us alone, when a person dear to us dies we can have hope that he will be with God and that we will be able to see him again one day. We can hope – even if we don’t see.

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