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This Bible verse brought back to my mind how good and generous our God is.

Everything I have, everything I am is given to me by God, it is not self evident and not my own merit.

Everything I see, the creation, the diversity in nature with its colors and shapes, sun-moon and stars, the animal world – everything is made wonderful and unique by God and I can live surrounded by this beauty.

Everything I smell, taste, feel testifies the generosity of God. I enjoy so many different smells, the food is also enjoyable with the many different flavors that I can taste with my tongue. God is a generous giver and he loves to give gifts to his children.

One day the bill will certainly be presented to us (poem by Lothar Zanetti)

for the sunshine
 and the rustling of the leaves,
 the gentle lily of the valley
 and the dark fir trees,
 for the snow and the wind,
 bird flight and grass
 and the butterflies,
 for the air we
 have breathed, and that
 Look at the stars
 and for all the days
 the evenings and the nights.
 Once it is time
 that we leave and
 Please enter the bill.
 But we have it
 made without the host:
 I invited you
 he says and laughs,
 as far as the earth reaches:
 It was my pleasure!

It is God’s nature to give. He provides me with everything I need from his abundance. He is my provider. He knows my needs. God gives and gives without expectations, unconditionally.

“Because he lets his sun rise over evil and good and rains over the just and the unjust” Matthew 5.45

He ensures that we can all live. God gives voluntarily because he is good. He is love in person. He is merciful, patient, and kind.

Jesus came to earth and revealed the generosity of the Father.

But I came to give them life in full” John 10:10

He spent his time with sinners and people on the margins of society and was ready to forgive them their sins. He was an encourager and always had uplifting words for people by talking about the Kingdom of God. He cared for the people, turned water into wine, saturated 5000 people with 5 breads and 2 fish and he healed people from their illnesses and ailments. In the end he was ready to give his life for us so that we could have eternal life with the father.

 “Because God loved the world so much that he gave his only son so that everyone who believes in him is not lost, but has eternal life” John 3:16

When I think of what God has already done for me, everything that He has done and worked in my life, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy,

“Praise the LORD my soul and do not forget what he has done you good” Psalm 103: 2

and I want to learn from God to be generous myself:

to be generous with my time: to give away time to my friends
To be generous in my words: encourage others
To be generous in material matters: To give someone a gift, to help when someone is in financial need to donate part of my money.
to be generous with joy and gratitude

“So everyone should decide for himself how much he wants to give, voluntarily and not out of a sense of duty. Because God loves him who gives happily” 2 Corinthians 9: 7

Book tip Heavenly Home

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God loves you. This is a frequently preached statement. But what does God’s love actually express? Driven by the inner necessity of not being able to perceive this love, the author embarked on an intensive examination of this topic. In the uncompromising reflection on the Word of God, he found words of eternal life that soon became the greatest possible gift. A gift of God’s love, which is meaningful not only after death, but already present. A gift that is too often not seen by believers today. In a Christianity embossed by prosperty with numerous wrong paths, the autor wants to put the gospel of the Kingdom of God in the center again. Not so that we won’t miss heaven in the future, but so that we can find real life today through the wonderful power of an incredible gift – a book for everyone who longs for God’s love!


Andreas Mast, born in 1976, lives in Wildberg (Baden-Württemberg), believes in God, knows depression, works as a tutor, builds guitars and writes books. He studied math and theology for teaching and looks back on two decades of church volunteering. Experiences of his life path provide depth in his works, knowledge of his faith give perspective. The civil service once followed the Abitur, which in turn was attended a short Bible school. The studies in the direction of teaching for primary and secondary schools (mathematics / theology) remained unfinished. While writing and guitar making currently take up a lot of free time, in the past it was filled with volunteer work in the parish and, some time ago, the passion for playing football at the district league level. He started to play the guitar in his youth, then to teach after his studies in order to build his own instruments himself.

Blessed Christmas

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Dear readers and friends

I wish everyone a merry, happy Christmas.

Jesus is born, the Savior and Redeemer of the world, for every person who accepts this gift in his heart for himself

I wish all of us that we can be amazed at the miracle of the birth of Jesus and that we give him room in our hearts, that we recognize the impact his coming has for the world and for us personally. May Jesus find a place in our heart to live in it and to enlighten us with his light

” I came into the world as light so that anyone who believes in me will not remain in darkness. “

I wish that we could be happy about the gift of his love, his grace, his peace. Joy should fill us up because God loves us so much.

“And the angel said to them: Do not be afraid! Behold, I proclaim to you great joy that will befall all people ” Luke 2,10

“Because a child was born to us, a son given to us, and the rule rests on his shoulder, and his name is called : Wonderful Counselor, Strong God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace”

I hope that our faith will become stronger and stronger and we grow in the knowledge of God’s love for us.

“Because God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son so that everyone who believes in him would not lose goes, but has eternal life” John 3,16

Zitat von Angelus Silesius

Angelus Siselius „ And would Christ be born a thousand times Born in Bethlehem, and not in you: you were lost forever.