The desert

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The desert – a place of dryness,

Drought and disorientation.

The heat during the day – the cold at night

makes life and growth impossible.

Desolate and deserted, only stones and sand,

far away is blooming land.

The desert – a difficult life

Challenge, crisis, waiting time.

“Don’t be afraid

I am with you and do not leave you “,

a soft voice speaks to you.

God is there and hope awakens

his loving arm watches over you.

Especially in your desert time

his love is not far from you

He meets you in emptiness and silence,

Community and relationship – that is his will.

Open your thirsty heart to him

he knows your desert, he knows your pain.

He is your provider in the arid country.

He guides you through the desert with a strong hand.

He is the source that never runs dry

and your desert bloomed like a garden.

The presence of God will envelop you

fill you with growth and new life.

(by Ulrike Nägele)

Imagine a desert landscape. Far and wide only stones and sand. There is no water and the drought does not allow vegetation. The heat during the day and the cold at night are almost unbearable and life conditions are hard. Life is not possible and the infinite vastness leads to disorientation and aberration. The lack of vital water makes you thirsty. The desert is an abandoned place, no one far and wide.

In our lives, too, we sometimes experience desert times. Challenges, trials, hopelessness, loneliness, difficult circumstances to which we are exposed. We are disoriented, lost our way and thirst for water that is essential for life.

But there is an oasis that promises life, a source that never runs dry, a fountain that overflows. Desert times are not always the worst times because they often lead us to this saving oasis, to the living source.

This is how I experienced it in my life, exactly in my most difficult time, when everything seemed lost and hopeless, I experienced the presence of God as strong as never before, experienced liberation and Jesus led me out of the desert into the community and relationship with him .

I will give to the thirsty from the source of living water for free. Revelation 21: 6-1
“But whoever drinks of the water that I give him will not be thirsty forever, but the water that I will give him will become a source of water in him that swells in eternal life.” John 4 , 14

“Because in you is the source of life, and in your light we see the light.” Psalm 36:10

Jesus is the source of life, he leads us out of the desert and provides us with guidance and support. There is new life in him, he is “the way-the truth and the life”. Jesus quenches our thirst and lets us bloom again like a flower, he lets us grow and prosper. It protects us from dangers and never leaves us alone.

“The desert becomes a flowering meadow and you can hear cheers from the mountains. Psalm 65:13

“When the Lord led them through the desert, they did not have to suffer thirst because he provided water: he split the rock and a stream gushed out” Isaiah 48:21

“I let brooks break out on the bare hills, and springs are said to spring in barren valleys. I am transforming the desert into fertile land with ponds and bubbling springs ”Isaiah 41:18

“Look; I’m doing something new; it is already germinating. Don’t you see it? I make my way through the desert and create rivers in the wasteland ”Isaiah 43:19

“The Lord your God took your wandering through this great desert on his heart.” Deuteronomy 2: 7

“God! You are my god! I long for you, I need you! Like an arid steppe longing for rain, I thirst, oh God, for you. ”Psalm 62: 2-3

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