True wisdom

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Wisdom primarily describes a deep understanding of the interrelationships in nature, life and society as well as the ability to identify the most coherent and meaningful course of action in the event of problems and challenges. Wisdom is worth striving for, we need it in decisions that we make in our lives and also in dealing with other people.

“Acquiring wisdom is better than gold, acquiring insight is more noble than silver.” Proverbs 16:16

But where does wisdom come from and how do we acquire wisdom? Is wisdom to be equated with a lot of knowledge, a good degree / education or with our life experience? In situations where we do not know what to do next, we can acquire knowledge or seek advice from good friends who may have had more experience in this matter. All of this helps us, but that’s not all. True wisdom comes from God, it is a gift from God. Our human wisdom is limited, God’s wisdom is infinite.

“For the Lord gives wisdom, and out of his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2: 6

In the Word of God, in the Bible, we can read that God’s wisdom has always been there. Even before the world was created.

“I, the wisdom was instituted from eternity, from the beginning, from the origins of the earth.” Proverbs 8:23

Our entire creation came into being through the wisdom of God, the entire universe with all planets, stars, as well as the life of people and animals on our earth. When I look at creation at how wonderfully God created everything, I can only be amazed. The diversity, beauty and order in all things make me realize the wisdom of God.

“Oh what a profound richness, both wisdom and knowledge of God.” Romans 11:33

The greatness, power, and wisdom of God make my heart humble and God-fearing.

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord” Proverbs 9:10

Besides creation, I also find God’s wisdom in his word in the Bible. When I ponder the scriptures, let them into my heart and apply them in my life, God’s thoughts help me to make good decisions in my everyday life, to act wisely in difficult situations and to treat others in God’s favor. The word of God is filled with truths and wisdom that renew my thoughts and give me a new perspective. I can read the Bible again and again and every time I will discover something new in it, recognize new connections and allow myself to be changed anew. God’s wisdom in this is so profound and infinite that I can never fully fathom it in my life, it remains fragmentary.

“The Bible is a source of positive thoughts. Those who let themselves be shaped by it will find wisdom, trust and hope in it. “Quote from John Graz

We find the whole fullness of wisdom in Jesus Christ. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in him.

“I am rich in Jesus Christ and brought up in his abundance. He has become wisdom, righteousness, holiness and redemption for me. ”1 Corinthians 1:30

In Jesus God’s wisdom becomes visible in the world. He lived his life as a person on earth filled with God’s wisdom, in all situations and with all people he acted wisely and prudently, always with an eye on God the Father. He was not guided by his feelings, thoughts or his own wishes, but by God’s wisdom.

“But the wisdom that comes from God is above all sincere; besides, she seeks peace, she is friendly, ready to give in and allows something to be said. She has compassion for others and does good; it is impartial, without prejudice and without any hypocrisy. ”James 3:17

I want to stretch my life more and more according to God’s wisdom, trust him and align my thoughts with his thoughts.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not my ways, says the Lord. Isaiah 55: 8

Remain open and curious about God’s speech and direct my behavior according to the insights gained, and continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge and ask God for it.

“But if any one of you lacks wisdom, ask God, who gives everyone gladly and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:15

“The biblical definition of wisdom is to see things as God sees them. A person is wise when he can see every circumstance of life with the eyes of God. But in order to be able to see in this way, God has to renew our thinking. ”Quote from Hans-Peter-Royer

“So wisdom is good for your soul. If you find them, you will be fine in the end and your hope will not be in vain. Proverbs 24:14