In the hands of god

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A small child grasps the hand of his father or mother. It feels safe and secure in the familiar hand. It can be led. The child depends on hands to hold it and guide it on its way.

But how is it when we grow up. At some point we let go, go on independently and look for our own way. On the one hand, we feel independent and free. We have life in our own hands. We go where we want, where life takes us. On the other hand, deep inside we feel a longing. We long for a trusting hand that holds and guides us, for security and safety.

This longing in us is actually the longing for God. He has placed it in the heart of every human being so that we may seek him.

“He put in the heart of man a desire to inquire of that which is eternal” Ecclesiastes 3:11

The first step towards the father’s hand is the realization that we need him, that we depend on his rescue and help. In that moment we will grasp God’s hand and let ourselves fall into his strong hands.

With God we are in the best hands. God’s hand created the universe, our world and us humans out of nothing. Everything that is has been created by his creative hand.

“You have made me happy, Lord, with your works. I rejoice in the works of your hands.” Psalm 92:5

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the vault of heaven declares the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:2

“Lord, you are our father. We are the clay, and you are our molder, and we are all the work of your hands.” Isaiah 64:7

God’s hand is the hand that protects us. In his hands we are safe and secure.

“You surround me on all sides and hold your protective hand over me.” Psalm 139:5

God’s hand is everywhere to guide and guide us in all areas of our lives. We are never alone in his hand.

” Where should I flee from your spirit, and where can I escape from your presence? If I fly up into the sky, you are there; if I descend into the realm of the dead[1], you are there too. If I took the wings of the dawn or dwelt at the outermost sea, your hand would lead me there too, and your strong arm would hold me. Psalm 139:7-10

God extends his saving hand to us. He comes very close to us. The saving hand is the hand of Jesus Christ. With this hand he knocks on the door of our hearts. We can grasp this hand with childlike trust and in the knowledge that we are his children.

Through Jesus and his work on the cross for us, the way to the father’s hand is free. Through Jesus, God accepts us as his children who belong to him and whom no one can snatch from his hand.

“And I will give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them from my hand. What my father gave me is greater than all, and no one can snatch it from the father’s hand. I and the Father are one.” John 10:28-30

Seed and harvest

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“From now on, every day on earth, sowing and harvesting, frost and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.”Genesis 8:22.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden over the last few weeks. There was a lot to do there. Starting with the clean-up work, cutting trees and shrubs, preparing and turning over the soil, weeding and planting, sowing and watering vegetables, lettuce and flowers.

As is well known, you reap what you sow, but it takes a lot of work and care before a garden like this is harvested. Growth doesn’t happen by itself. Many factors work together to produce fruit. It needs the sun, light, good soil and water. But not only good things grow in my garden. If I don’t do anything, if I don’t cultivate my garden, more and more weeds will grow and overgrow everything. Weeds grow by themselves and faster than anything else and I have to regularly pull them up and weed the garden, get rid of them so that I can have a good harvest in the end.

I can learn a lot from gardening. In a figurative sense, I can also compare the garden to my heart. In my heart, too, the principle of sowing and reaping applies. Negative thoughts such as worries, fears, pride, arrogance, envy, egoism, greed, anger, impatience, bitterness, doubt, hatred, unforgiveness want to settle in my heart under certain circumstances. I need to regularly examine my thoughts and uproot those roots lest they overgrow everything else and allow good fruits such as love, forgiveness, joy, peace, courage, generosity, humility, mercy, grace, gratitude, kindness, patience, faith, etc. to grow and I can reap good things.

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, fornication, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, licentiousness, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evils come from within and make people unclean. Mark 7:21-23“

“Most of all, guard your heart, for your heart affects all of your life.” Proverbs 4:23

Focus on what is true and decent and right. Ponder what is pure and lovely and admirable, things worthy of distinction and praise” Philippians 4:8

As well as keeping the garden free of weeds and constantly checking what is growing, I also want to look into my heart again and again. What are my thoughts? What do I sow in my inner garden? What thought patterns should I discard? Which weeds should I uproot? Is there room in my heart for the good fruit? How can good fruit grow in my heart, what do I need for that? I need the right nutrients, I need light and water. All of this I find when I stay in touch with Jesus, when I stay in his love. Jesus helps me to distinguish good from bad and with him I can give up everything that weighs me down, all the weeds in me, his word is food for my soul, and I can only grow and bear fruit in relationship to him. He is my light and the living water I need. The Holy Spirit in me should guide my thoughts and get space in my heart.

Jesus says: “I am the vine; you are the vines. Whoever abides in me and I in him will bear much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.”

“Every thought that rebels against God I take captive and put under the command of Christ” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Verse of the bible for 2022

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Everyone longs for acceptance and love in life. To be accepted just as you are and to belong somewhere. And each of us certainly knows the feeling of being excluded, of not really being accepted in a group or community, or even of being rejected. Those who have had the experience in childhood of not being accepted due to their mistakes and weaknesses, of having to achieve something in order to get recognition or simply being excluded due to being different, these situations often shape their whole life.

The thought pattern of being an outsider is not easy to break. There is a way out, however. Everyone can have the experience to be loved unconditionally, to be accepted with all weaknesses and faults. Jesus invites all people to come to him just as they are. He promises:

“Whoever comes to me I will not be rejected or cast out.” John 6:37

Jesus does not judge our doing, thinking, or status. Everyone can come. God accepts us. Whoever accepts this invitation and comes to him, experiences acceptance and real belonging. Jesus himself took the first step towards us humans. He came to earth as a human being to be close to us and to reconcile us with God the Father. Whoever comes to Jesus and believes that he is the way to the Father, that he paid for our guilt and sin through his death, is accepted into eternal communion with God. God will not reject anyone who comes to him, no matter what the past is. Experiencing this unconditional love of God, helps to break through and let go of negative thought patterns. In addition, we can bring all of our injuries and experiences in which we felt excluded or rejected, to God. For this, too, Jesus died to relieve us of all burdens. He has already carried them on the cross. Jesus liberates and fills our hearts with his love and acceptance.

God’s love also helps us to forgive and to take a step towards our fellow human beings, just as Jesus came to us. So we can see the other with God’s eyes.

“Therefore accept one another, just as Christ accepted you, that God may be honored!” Romans 15:17 NIV

“Dear brothers and sisters, we want to love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 He who does not love has not known God, because God is love. 9 God’s love for us is evident in the fact that he sent his only Son into the world to give us life in him. 10 Love is not because we loved God, but because he loved us and sent his Son as an atonement for our sins. 11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we too must love one another. 12 No one has ever seen him himself. But when we love one another, God lives in us, and his love has reached its goal in us. 13 We can tell that we live in him and he in us by the fact that he has given us a share in his spirit. 14 We have also seen with our own eyes and can testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. 15 And if anyone confesses to Jesus as the Son of God, then God lives in him and he in God. 16 In any case, we have seen that God loves us; and we believe in his love. God is love, and whoever lives in love lives in God and God lives in him. 17 In this, too, love has come to its goal with us: We can look forward to the day of judgment with confidence, because just as Jesus is connected to the Father, we also live in this world. 18 There is no fear in love, for God’s perfect love removes all fear. Anyone who is still afraid expects to be punished. With him, love has not yet reached its goal. 19 But we love because he first loved us. 20 If someone says, “I love God!” But hates his brother or sister, he is a liar. Because if you don’t love your siblings, whom you can see, how can you love God, whom you have never seen? 21 Remember the commandment God gave us: He who loves God should also love his brothers and sisters. 1 John 4: 7-21 NIV

Trust god in all circumstances

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In our life there are joys and sorrows, good and bad times, light and darkness, successes and crises, life and death. Often things happen differently than expected, where everything seems to be against us and we have no plan how to proceed. Many people lose their hope, their stability and their confidence as a result.

The current situation around Corona, which affects people all over the world, also brings a lot of uncertainty and raises questions. The illness, loss of work and financial difficulties, restrictions, worries, fears, isolation and loneliness have messed up our usual life and nothing is as it once was. Everyone is affected in some way. The ground under your feet can easily be pulled away, if you are not standing on a solid foundation.

And this safe foundation, this safe haven for me is the relationship with God. In the Bible we can read:

“We know, however, that all things serve for the best of those who love God.” Romans 8:28

This word is one of the most beautiful and wonderful promises of God in the Bible. Those who trust in it have an unshakable hold. Beliefing in it gives me serenity in every circumstance and takes away fears and worries. No matter what comes, no matter what happens in the world, whatever pressure is put on me, no matter what decisions I make: God can make all things serve me for the best if I trust him and be in contact with him.

It says literally in the verse: All things serve for the best for those who love God. Whoever really loves God puts God first in his life, he completely relies on God. Martin Luther writes:

“What you rely on and what your heart depends on is your God.”

It’s about loving God with all your heart. For us, this is the most important commandment:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” Luke 10:27

So the promise applies to those who love God and it applies to all people. Because every person is invited by God to fully entrust himself to him and to live in relationship with him. God sent his Son Jesus to earth. He is the way to God. Whoever believes in him has the forgiveness of sin and is reconciled to God.

“For God so [1] loved the world that he gave his only [2] son, so that everyone who believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

As children of God we can trust and be certain that God holds all things in his hand and that he will direct all things in such a way that they serve us for the best. We do not need to fear difficulties, hardships, suffering and crises either, because we know that nothing and no one can separate us from God’s love.

“Because I am quite sure: Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons [6], neither present nor future nor any powers, 39 neither high nor low or anything else in the world can separate us from the love of God, which he gives us in Jesus Christ our Lord. ”Romans 8: 38-39

Face challenges with courage

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How do you feel in times of challenge, when you start new tasks or new projects in your life? Do you resist change or do you like to be challenged?

When I face new challenges, my feelings are twofold. There is the anticipation of what is to come, but also uncertainty and fears: will I make it? Do I have the skills? Will the project succeed?

In this situation only one thing helps me: Come to God with my plans and entrust them to him. I don’t want to rely on my feelings or my abilities and strengths, but on God’s power. When I am faced with a great task, I say to myself: If God wants this from me, then I can. The following 5 steps bring me further on my way:

1: I remember: In which challenges has God already strengthened me? Where did God speak to me? What miracles has God done in my life?

“Praise the Lord, my soul, and do not forget what good he has done you! Praise the Lord, my soul, and what is in me, his holy name! ” Psalm 103 2.

2: I seek the presence of God before the challenge. I take the time to read the Bible, read His Word, listen to praise music, or just go for a walk with God. The presence of God strengthens and encourages me.

3. I believe the truth. The truth are not my worries, doubts and negative beliefs (I can’t do it I am not able), but the promises of God in his word. Jesus is my power and his power works in me.

“And he said to me: My grace suffices for you; for my strength is perfected in weakness. That is why I will most dearly boast of my weakness, so that the power of Christ may dwell with me. ”2 Corinthians 12: 9

“I can do everything through Christ, who gives me power and strength. Philippians 4:13

I can bravely take on new challenges because I know that God is with me. My trust lies in him and he gives me the courage, strength and skills that I need.

“Be brave and strong! Do not be afraid and do not be intimidated by them! For the LORD your God goes with you. He always stands by you and does not abandon you! ”Deuteronomy 31: 6

“Then he turned to his son Solomon:“ Get to work without hesitation! Do not be afraid and do not let anything discourage you! For the Lord my God will help you. He will not leave you and will help you until the building of the temple is completed. ”1 Chronicles 28:20

4. I am looking for fellowship with fellow believers in church and home group groups. Prayer and encouragement are very important to me. We need each other, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer puts it in the following quote:

“That is why the Christian needs the Christian who tells him God’s word, he needs him again and again when he is uncertain and despondent; for he cannot help himself without deceiving himself of the truth. He needs the brother as the bearer and preacher of the divine word of salvation. “

5. I make a decision and I trust.

“Be brave and determined! Do not be intimidated and do not be afraid! For I, the LORD your God, will help you wherever you go. Joshua 1.9

“So be strong and determined! Do not let anything discourage you and do not be afraid! ”1 Chronicles 22:13

With trust in God I can make courageous decisions, dare new steps and face challenges with confidence. I know I can’t do anything without God, but with him things become possible that were previously impossible.

“All things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27


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Serenity, inner calm is an inner attitude, the ability, especially in difficult situations, to maintain composure or an unbiased attitude. It is the opposite of restlessness, excitement, nervousness and stress (source Wikipedia). It is often not easy to be or remain calm when we are faced with challenges and difficult situations. When things happen that we are not in control of, it is not easy to be calm. Nevertheless, we should practice serenity every day in the various situations and strive more and more for inner peace. Inner peace regardless of what happens around us. Serenity is good for our health, and the Bible even says that serenity extends our lives (see Proverbs 14:30).

What helps us to be calm? To be calm I need the confidence that my situation will turn out for the better. But what do I put my trust in? On my own strength, on having everything under control or maybe on other people? I need a foundation that I stand on, that gives me security and that I can rely on. Our own strength has its limits, it is impossible to have everything under control and we cannot rely on others either. There is only one that we can 100% rely on and trust in all of our circumstances. I mean the God of the Bible. If we build our house of life on Christ, if he is our foundation, nothing and no one will upset us so quickly.

“Even when the earth shakes and people are in turmoil, it is I who give support to their foundations” Psalm 75: 4

“For no one can lay a foundation other than that which has already been laid – Jesus Christ” 1 Corinthians 3:11

Faith in God helps me not to look at the circumstances but to focus my gaze on God. The certainty that God is there and that He has a good plan gives me serenity. He has everything under control, I don’t have to have everything under control myself. That’s why I can stay calm inside. God walks with me through challenges and difficulties. I can let myself fall into his hands. I can’t fall any deeper than in God’s hand. When I lose peace, I can keep reminding myself how great and mighty God is and that nothing is impossible for him. Don’t tell God how big your problem, but tell your problem how big is your god.

Serenity prayer (Reinhold Niebuhr): God give me the serenity to accept things that I can’t change, the courage to change things that I can change and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. To live one day at a time to enjoy one moment at a time. To accept deprivation as a way to peace. To accept this sinful world as Jesus did and not in the way I would like them to be. To trust that you’ll do everything right if I give myself to your will, so that I may be pretty happy in this life and in the next forever overjoyed with you. Amen.

He who seeks finds

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Everyone who has children knows how it is like, when they have certain wishes or need something. It is normal for children to plead their parents again and again. Even if they don’t get everything they want, they don’t give up and expect their wishes to be granted. Children trust their parents and know that they need their help. As parents, we always want the best for our children. That is why we will not be able to fulfill all of their wishes, and we will also say no to some things.

Just as the children come to their mother and father with their requests and wishes, as children of God, we can come to our Father in Heaven – with faith, perseverance, and determination. We believe we have a loving Father and a good God who only has the best in mind for us. He loves to give us everything we need, what is good for us and serves us for the best.

“Ask God and he will give you! Search and you will find! Knock and the door will be opened for you! Because whoever asks receives. He who seeks finds. And if you knock, the door will be opened. Would any of you give your child a stone if he asks for a piece of bread? Or a snake when it asks for a fish? Despite all your wickedness, you humans know what is good for your children and give it to them. How much more will your Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him! ”Matthew 7: 7

So does that mean we can ask God for anything and He will give it to us? No – because God knows us much better than we do and knows what is good for us.

“Your father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him for anything” Matthew 6: 8

He has a good plan for our life. We can only see this plan in connection with God when we live with him in community and in a personal relationship. Without God we only pursue our own goals and desires, which often do not agree with God’s will at all.

“Why do you have so much fights and arguments? Doesn’t everything come from the fact that in you the passions and instincts fight for supremacy? You want everything and you will not get anything. You are full of envy and deadly hatred [1]; but you will not gain anything from it. Your quarrels and fights are of no use to you. As long as you do not ask God, you will not receive anything. And if you ask him, he won’t give you anything. Because you have evil intentions: your only concern is to fulfill your selfish desires. ”James 4: 1-3

We can ask ourselves the following questions: What am I asking for? What am I looking for? Who do I ask, who do I knock on? What doors does God want to open for me?

God wants to give us a new, pure heart. Jesus died for us so that we could live for him, for his glory. We are to search for God and His will, agree with it and inquire about His plan for our life and put aside our own selfish desires.

“First of all work for God’s kingdom and for his will to be done. Then he will provide you with everything else. ”Matthew 6:33

Our pride and ego, our endeavors to achieve everything by our own strength and effort, our thinking that we know ourself what is good for us, not to need any help – all this prevents us from living in the determination that God has for our life. The best we can do is to live in dependence on God, the Father, to believe in him, to trust and to know that he lives and works in us.

“I live, but no longer myself, but Christ lives in me. So I live my life in this earthly body in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and sacrificed himself for me. ”Galatians 2:20

“So if someone belongs to Christ, then he is a new person. What was before has passed, something completely new has begun. ”2 Corinthians 5:17

With that in mind, I can count on God to answer my prayers, believe that doors will open, and expect that I will find what I am looking for.

“But we know that all things serve for the best of those who love God.” Romans 8:28


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In every good friendship or relationship there is also a quarrel. It is important to come back to reconciliation afterwards. In my work , I have often seen how children argue, but also how quickly they reconcile and are not resentful at all. They meet as if nothing had ever happened.

It is usually different among adults. I know stories where families or friends become alienated due to an argument, break off contact, often stop talking to each other for years and avoid each other. The consequences of irreconcilability are bitterness, hatred, strife, broken relationships and breakups. I think that’s very bad and a shame, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Reconciliation is possible. Stories of reconciliation are wonderful. I’ve seen a friend make up with her mother-in-law after years. Together with a friend, we encouraged her to take the first step, to forgive and to offer her mother-in-law an offer of reconciliation. We prayed for her and with God’s help it was possible to re-establish relationship with each other.

Obstacles to reconciliation are mostly pride, arrogance and not giving in – wanting to be right. But instead it is better to try to see everyone through God’s eyes, not just to look at their faults and weaknesses.

“Do not do anything out of controversy or ambition, but be humble and respect others more than yourself!” Philippians 2: 3

Forgiveness comes before reconciliation. Forgiveness frees our heart, we can let go of negative feelings and put situations and people into God’s hands so that we are no longer burdened. If we have forgiven, we can make the other person an offer of reconciliation and, in the best case scenario, there will be a happy ending – reconciliation.

The most beautiful story of reconciliation that I know is that between God and man. Jesus came to earth to reconcile us with God. Out of love for us humans, he takes the first step towards us. He loved us first. Because there is something that separates us from God – sin. Jesus died for our sins on the cross and thus restored the access – the connection to God. If we believe in his sacrifice for us, we are reconciled to God and the relationship with God is restored.

“Through his death on the cross in human form he reconciled you to himself in order to bring you back into the presence of God and to make you holy and flawless before him. Colossians 1:22

“Christ is the atonement for our sins, not only for ours, but also for those of the whole world.” “In this is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be atone for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

“But be cordial and friendly to one another and forgive one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ.” Ephesian 4,32

“So we are now ambassadors on behalf of Christ, because God admonishes through us: so we now ask on behalf of Christ: Be reconciled to God.” 2.Corinthians 5,20

Jesus’ wish was unique. He wanted to bring his children home. The Bible has a word for this desire: reconciliation. (Max Lucado) Reconciliation is the inner healing of our hearts through the love of Jesus. It is not the outward acts of baptism, confirmation or communion that reconcile a person with God. Reconciliation lies solely in repentance and conversion to Jesus Christ. (Walter Mauerhofer). Now an eternal friendship, eternal reconciliation, eternal peace and eternal love is established between God and man. If God looks at us in his Son, he cannot help but be gracious to us. (Johann Friedrich Starck)

You are worthy

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In Wikipedia, self-worth is defined as follows: “Self-worth (also: self-esteem, self-confidence,) is understood by psychology to be the assessment that one has of oneself.” Psychologists assume that our identity is shaped by a mixture of genetic predispositions and social environment. But how do I rate myself, based on which criteria? How do I feel about myself? The image I have of myself has developed in the course of life, based on my experiences, based on what other people spoke into my life and has also been defined by comparing me with other people. But comparing things did more harm than good to my self-image, because there is always someone who is more successful, more beautiful, braver, more intelligent, funnier, more creative, etc. than me. This increases dissatisfaction, tension and the feeling of not being good enough. There was pressure to perform, because the value I gave myself was dependent on the recognition of people. I always wanted to please everyone and found it harder and harder to say “no”, even if something was overwhelming. When I got to know Jesus and invited him into my life , my self-worth changed as I let him give me my worth.

God’s love for me is indescribable, incomprehensible and overwhelming. I was created uniquely, a one-of-a-kind, a marvel of God.

Isaiah 53: 4: You are precious in my eyes and I love you!

“I thank you for being wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, and my soul knows it well. ”Psalm 139:14

I can “be”. God loves me the way I am. He knows my heart. He also knows my limitations, my mistakes, my weaknesses. His love is unconditional and constant. He thinks much more of me than I do myself. He trusts me more than I trust myself. He finds me valuable, regardless of what I do. God has given me gifts and abilities that only I have. That’s why I don’t need to compare or measure myself with others. Image result for what god thinks about me It is my goal to recognize how God meant me and to live in his destiny for my life. I can only recognize myself as God meant me when I open my heart and meet him, when I ask him in prayer and he puts an answer in my heart. I no longer want to live to please other people, but to please God. My identity questions: “Who am I? Why am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? ”received an answer in Jesus Christ. I am a beloved daughter of God, I was created to be in fellowship with God, to live in relationship (that is my destiny), God is my Creator and after my death I will return home to God the Father. My identity is in Christ.

You are our father. We are the clay, you are the potter, and we are the work of your hand, Isaiah 64: 7

God shows us his love in his word, there I can meet him, get to know his father’s heart. The word of God, the Bible is a love letter from God to us humans.

God doesn’t love you because you are so precious But you are valuable, because God loves you so. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

That I’m worth in your eyes exceeds my feeling and understanding, but your promises are more reliable than my fickle feelings. And if it may be a long way until I learn to see myself, I still know: You have countless possibilities to share in your good thoughts about me. (Prayer by Antje Sabine Naegeli )

My self-worth today is determined by the truths that God Himself speaks about my life. Little by little, in a constant process, God shows me the life lies that I believed, exposes the negative evaluation, the thoughts that the enemy tries to persuade me and replaces them with the liberating truth of God.

I know everything about you. (The Bible, Psalm 139: 1) I know when to sit down and when to get up. (Psalm 139.2) All your ways are known to me. (Psalm 139: 3) Even the hair on your head is numbered. (Matthew 10: 29-31) Because I made you in my own image. (Genesis 1:27) I knew you even before you were received. (Jeremiah 1: 4-5) I chose you when I planned creation. (Ephesians 1: 4, 11) You were not a mistake. (Psalm 139:15) I determined when you should be born and where you would live. Acts 17:26) You are wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) I formed you in your mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13) I have been misrepresented to you by those who do not know me. (John 8:41) I am not far away and angry, but the perfect expression of love. (1 John 4:16) It is my desire to shower you with love. (1 John 3,1) Simply because you are my child and I am your father. (1 John 3,1) I offer you more than your earthly father could ever do. (Matthew 7:11) Because I am the perfect father. (Matthew 5:48) Every good gift you receive comes from my hand. (John 1:16) Because I take care of you and meet you in every need. (Matthew 6: 31-32) My plan for your future is always hope. (Jeremiah 31,3) Because I love you with everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31,3) My thoughts about you are innumerable, like the sand on the seashore. (Psalm 139: 17-18) I sing about you for joy. (Zefania 3.17) I will not stop doing you good. (Jeremiah 32:40) Because you are my most precious possession. (Exodus 19: 5) Enjoy me and I will fulfill the wishes of your heart. (Psalm 37: 4) For it is I who have put these wishes into you. (Philippians 2:13) I can do more for you than you can imagine. (Ephesians 3:20) You can do everything through me, who makes you strong. (Philippians 4:13) For I am your greatest encouragement. (2 Thessalonians 2: 16-17) I give you ability. (2 Corinthians 3: 5) I give you strength and prudence. (2 Timothy 1,7) I am also the father who comforts you in all troubles. (2 Corinthians 1: 3) You can rely on me in every need. When your heart is broken, I am close to you. (Psalm 34:19) Like a shepherd carries his shaft, I have carried you by my heart. (Isaiah 40:11) One day I will wipe every tear from your eyes. (Revelation 21: 4) I stand by you. My abundance is immeasurable. (139.17) I will satisfy your deepest longing. I give you love that drives away fear. (1 John 4:18) I answer you and free you from all your trouble. (Psalm 34: 5) I am your father and I love you as much as I love my son Jesus. (John 17:23) For in Jesus my love for you is revealed. (John 17:26) He is the perfect image of my being (Hebrews 1,3) And he came to prove to you that I am for you and not against you. (Romans 8:31) I am the water to the thirsty. And to tell you that I don’t blame you for your sins. (2 Corinthians 5:19) Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled to one another. (2 Corinthians 5:18) Through Jesus your debts are forgiven. (Ephesians 1: 7) You are good enough through Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Jesus’ death was the deepest expression of my love for you. (1 John 4: 9-10) I gave everything I love to win your love. (Romans 8:32) I never want to think about your sins and evil deeds again. (Hebrews 10:17) If you accept my son’s gift, you accept me. (1 John 2:23) I am your comforter. Those who stick to my son will not be convicted. (John 3:18) I called you by your name. And nothing can ever separate you from my love again. (Romans 8,38-39) You will find protection with me. (Psalm 32) I am the light in the darkness. Your prayers are on my mind. (Acts 10: 5) Out of love I have determined that you are my child. (Ephesians 1: 5-6) Accept me and I will host the greatest celebration. (Luke 15: 4-7) I have always been a father and I will always be a father. (Ephesians 3: 14-15) I give you living hope. I ask you: do you want to be my child? (John 1:12) Follow me, I will save you. I’m waiting for you! (Luke 15: 11-32

Under gods protection

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Such an umbrella is a good thing. On the one hand, it protects us from rain and also from heat. The raindrops bounce off him and we stay dry. On hot days we find soothing and relaxing shade under an umbrella. To protect ourselves we have to stay under the umbrella.

In our everyday life we ​​find ourselves again and again in situations where we seek and need protection. When difficulties and challenges arise, we are happy to find a safe place where we can find security and refuge. How do you go through the storms of life? Do you have an umbrella with you that you can open up and stand under? . If we walk through the rain without an umbrella, we get wet. If we lie in the sun without an umbrella, we get sunburn. Likewise, when we go through life without a protective umbrella, we are exposed to various dangers. An umbrella cannot stop rain, sun, challenges and difficulties, but we feel secure and protected under it.

My refuge, protection and shield that I always have with me is God. I rely on him as it is written in Psalm 91: 1:

“Whoever sits under the umbrella (protection) of the Most High and remains under the shadow of the Almighty, speaks to the Lord: My confidence and my castle, my God in whom I hope.”

I’m fine under God’s umbrella, I can stay calm even when storms are raging around me, because I know that he is holding his protective hand over me.

“You surround me on all sides and hold your protective hand over me.” Psalm 139.5

God’s umbrella is infinitely large and there is room for everyone. Whoever entrusts his life to God puts himself under his patronage. Everyone who decides to sit under his umbrella and stay under his shadow is safe. Everyone who stays in the presence of God, stays close to him, stays in touch and in relationship with God, finds refuge.

“With you I am safe, protected in every danger and surrounded by the exultation of salvation.” Psalm 32: 7

“Lord my God, I look to you with confidence, I seek protection from you” Psalm 141: 8

“You are my protection and my shield, I rely on your promise” Psalm 119:14

“Yes, God his way is perfect, Yahweh’s word is unadulterated. He is a shield for all who seek protection from him. ”Psalm 18:31

“He protects you with his wings, you find protection under his wings. His loyalty is a defense and a shield. ”Psalm 91: 4

“Yahweh is good, a safe refuge in times of need. He knows those who seek protection from him. ”Nahum 1,2

God says: He loves me, that’s why I want to save him. He knows my name, so I will protect him. ”Psalm 91:14

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