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There are days, everything goes wrong. We may feel discouraged, depressed about various difficult circumstances and problems. Or tired because of situations that don’t change the way we want them to. We have long prayed for a breakthrough, but it doesn’t seem to work. There are many reasons to complain and be resigned.

However, there is always reason to be happy and joyfull, regardless of what is going on outside. It all depends on where we look. The psalmist David writes in Psalm 5:12:

“Let be happy in you, those who love your name .But all who seek refuge by you will be happy. Their jubilation knows no bounds, because in you they are safe. “

At the beginning of the psalm David laments the bad conditions in the country, he asked the Lord to listen to his groans and cried out to God for help.

“You are my King and my God, I scream to you, I beg you! Lord, you hear my calling early in the morning. Very early in the morning I bring my requests to you and longingly wait for your answer. For injustice you cannot keep silent ”Psalm 5: 3-5

David brings his requests, his suffering, his lament, he lets go of everything with God and so at the end of the Psalm he finds joy again in the focus on God. And so we are also allowed to bring everything to God that burdens us and direct our gaze to him. In him we can be happy and cheer because we know and love his name. When we seek refuge with him, our jubilation knows no bounds, because we are safe with him.

To be “in him” what does that mean for me? For me this means to be rooted in the love of God, to live in connection with God, to align myself with him and strive for his will. In the relationship with God I find joy and reason to cheer.

  • I rejoice in God my Savior. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that all who believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life” John 3:16
  • I enjoy fellowship with God I am happy to be a child of God through faith in Jesus “But those who welcomed him and believed in him, he gave them the right to become children of God” John 1:12
  • I rejoice in God’s good plan for the world and for my life “I have plans for you that are full of future and hope. Jer 29.11
  • . I am happy about God’s love “God is love; and whoever abides in love abides in God and God in him. ”1 John 4:16 b

“I am happy in the Lord, and my soul rejoices in my God; for he has put on me the clothes of salvation and dressed in the cloak of righteousness, adorned like a bridegroom with a priestly headdress and like a bride who is emblazoned in her jewelry “(Isaiah 61,10)

The joy in the Lord Jesus Christ is the source of all joy. If, even on difficult days, I focus my gaze on this joy, on the joy in God, on his love, I remain hopeful, confident and know that I am safe with him, no matter what. That gives me strength and strength in every situation. A joy that comes from communion with God and his unconditional love and grace, which always remains the same until after death. The certainty of his love for me, which is always there, no matter what, helps me in times of challenge, when the sun is not shining, in times when storms are raging in life, not to lose my joy and to hold on to God always has a good plan and that he knows me and never leaves me alone in any situation.

“Do not be troubled; for the joy in the Lord is your strength. ”Nehemiah 8:10

Light and darkness

Lesedauer 3 Minuten

Light enables life, light lets us see, light drives out darkness. In the Bible, light is an image for God. God is the light. The light that leads us to life. Jesus says:

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life ” John 8,12

There is both, light and darkness in the world. There are different powers at work. Darkness separates us from God, light leads us to God. Jesus is the way we can get to the light of God. By dying on the cross, Jesus conquered the forces of darkness and reestablished the connection to God. Man was separated from God through the fall of man and the works of darkness. Jesus sacrifice has taken on the sin of the world and everyone who believes in him becomes a child of God, a child of light. We are called to follow the light and to walk as children of the light.

“For you used to be darkness; but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light; the fruit of light is all goodness and righteousness and truth. Try what is pleasing to the Lord, and do not have fellowship with the sterile works of darkness; rather, covers them at “Ephesians 5: 8-11

Works of darkness are destructive, evil, deceptive and lead to death. The works of light are good, true and lead to life. In the world we see both and every day we can choose whether to follow the darkness or the light. We are called to examine everything and to live in the will of God. Not all works of darkness are evident. Some works are camouflaged in the light and want to deceive us. I am thinking of esotericism, for example.

“Nobody should be found among you … nobody who practices divination, no sorcerer or conjurer or magician …; for everyone who does these things is an abomination to the Lord. Deuteronomy 18: 10-12

From my own experience I can say today that such things do not come from God. Through esotericism it is not the spirit of God that works, but the spirit of the adversary. The problem in esotericism is that although the divine is assumed, God is presented as impersonal, as a kind of energy and not as a personal God. There is no personal relationship with God. In esotericism, creation, nature is made a god, everything is divine, everything is energy. Even humans can develop further and become divine themselves. This teaching contradicts the Bible, which describes that God is the creator and man is the creature, nature his creation. How I distinguish works of darkness from works of light today:

  • Darkness: Man goes his own way, he puts himself in the center, defines his own truth, wants to be God himself, wants to always get ahead through his own achievement and merit, he has no personal relationship with God
  • Light: Man goes God’s way, he puts God in the center, follows the truth of God (Bible, Word of God), subordinates himself to God, lives by grace and does not have to do anything to earn God’s love. The love of God is a gift (it is done). Man lives in a personal relationship with God.

“For with you is the source of life, and in your light we see the light.” Psalm 36:10

“The people who live in the dark see a bright light.” Isaiah 9: 1

Where we meet Jesus, the light, there is change, healing, restoration. We can flourish in the presence of its light. Jesus drives out all darkness. Even in difficult circumstances, his light is consolation and salvation for us. With him we see everything in a different light. We don’t have to stay in the dark, the light lets us know God’s love for us. Jesus, following the light, will bring forth good fruits in our lives: goodness, righteousness and truth.

I lock myself up again in your fatherly loyalty and protection and heart. The earthly business and all dark forces drive away through your closeness. (Protestant hymn book 481.3)


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The definition of wealth is abundance of material or spiritual values. When something is valuable to us and we hang our hearts on it, we call it wealth. These can be very different things in our life, e.g. material wealth (money and goods), beauty, health, family, friends, work, leisure time, talents and much more.

What we hang our hearts on ,determines and defines our life, we align ourselves with it. Wealth promises security and happiness, e.g. a lot of money = financial security. Often we strive for certain things or want to achieve this or that, because we think that our happiness depends on it.

The Bible says we should be careful of what we hang our hearts on. Far too often we focus on wrong goals, on things that basically cannot fulfill us, make us rich or happy. Jesus speaks of treasures on earth and treasures in heaven.

“Do not collect riches here on earth, where moths and rust devour them or thieves break in and steal. Rather collect your treasures in heaven, where they cannot be eaten away by moths or rust and are also safe from thieves. For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be! ”Matthew 6: 19-21

All treasures and riches on earth are perishable, treasures in heaven remain forever. What does Jesus mean by treasures in heaven?

I believe the treasures in heaven are the gifts from God that we receive when we turn our lives around him, our hearts hang on him first of all. Through the connection, fellowship with Jesus we collect treasures in heaven, yes I would say the relationship with Jesus is the greatest wealth we can have as humans, worth much more than a lottery win. His unconditional love, knowing he died for me on the cross, bore my sins for me and forever reconciled me with Heavenly Father, that is a treasure that fills my heart with peace, joy, hope, confidence. This love of his is an immortal treasure and wealth that nothing and no one can steal from me.

Jesus has many treasures in store for me. I can read his word and the bible and get to know and meet him through this.

“I rejoice in your word as one who finds great treasure.” Psalm 119,162

“Your instructions are my treasure; they fill my heart with joy.” Psalm 119: 111

“Happy is the one who trusts in you.” Psalm 84:13

“Prosperity comes through God’s blessing; your own effort does not make it greater.” Proverbs 10:22

“If you get riches, your hearts will not be attached to it.” Psalm 62:11

Change of perspective

Lesedauer 3 Minuten

In our life we ​​look at different circumstances, situations from our own perspective. Sometimes our views are bogged down, we are convinced of something, and our point of view is only one-way. But often we need a new perspective, something that helps us see things in a different light.

A few days ago we celebrated Easter, the resurrection of Jesus. This event was such a change of perspective. On that day darkness became light, defeat became victory, and death became life. After his resurrection, Jesus appeared and met several people. The encounter with the risen One revealed God’s perspective on what was happening to them.

There were Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James, who stood crying by the empty tomb. They were full of sadness and fear. They thought Jesus was dead until they met him in a gardener.

We also read about the two disciples, Cleopas and his friend, who were on their way home from Jerusalem to Emmaus when they met Jesus in their disappointment and hopelessness. It was only when he broke bread with them that they recognized him.

In the same way he appeared to his 11 disciples, who left the tomb horrified and terrified (Mark 16.8). He showed himself to them in the midst of their desperation.

Thomas, one of the disciples, was in a perspective of doubt and disbelief. It was only when he laid his hands on Jesus’ wounds that he could believe.

Peter also had an encounter with Jesus. He had slandered Jesus three times and felt himself to be a failure. Despite his weakness, Jesus approached him and asked him the same question three times: “Simon Peter, do you love me?”

Saul also experienced a change of perspective on the way to Damascus. He was a bitter enemy and persecutor of the Christians, until suddenly a light shone around him and he heard the voice of Jesus, whom he was persecuting. It was a life changing event in his life. He became Paul, who with great zeal, preached the good news among the people and became a believer of Christians.

An encounter with Jesus transforms and gives a new perspective. Not only then, also today, Jesus wants to meet you and me, in our everyday life, in our circumstances and life situations. Jesus is risen, he lives. He loved us first and he always takes the first step towards us humans. He wants to be close to us, to meet us. He proves his love when he died on the cross for our sin. Through his sacrifice we are reconciled to God, and through his resurrection we have eternal life. God gives a new perspective. Sadness and disappointment become joy, where despair reigns hope arises. Doubt and unbelief have to fade away, new faith arises. In failure and weakness God brings new strength, hatred is conquered by love.

We can ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Where or in which area of my life do I experience disappointment or sadness, where do I need new joy?
  • Where I feel desperation, where do I need new hope?
  • Where am I stuck in doubt or unbelief and need new faith?
  • Where do I feel weak and in failure and need new strength?
  • Where do I need love that conquers all hatred?
  • Where did something in me die and need to be brought back to life?
  • Where do I see the end and need a new beginning?
  • No matter what it is and what we need, that’s exactly where Jesus wants to meet us and give us a new perspective, God’s perspective.

This new perspective, this love of God in our hearts turns night into day, brings light into every darkness, makes a new beginning out of every hopeless situation. An encounter with Jesus changes our hearts. By believing in him we become children of God and his spirit lives and works in us. Thereby we become bearers of his love and as children of light we can pass on his love and his light to our fellow human beings. We can tell about Jesus, pray for people, live charity so that many more people can meet Jesus.

Quotation: “But when Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he first appeared to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven evil spirits” (Mark 16: 9); Another biblical passage in John 20: 11-18

Quote: “And they came to him and took hold of his feet and fell down before him.” (Matthew 28: 1-10)

Quote: “As they talked and discussed one another, Jesus approached himself and went with them.” (Luke 24: 13-35)

Quote: “The disciples were glad that they saw the Lord.” (John 20: 19-23)

Quote: “Because you have seen me, Thomas, that is why you believe.” (John 20: 24-29)

Quote: “When it was already morning, Jesus stood on the bank.” (John 21)

Quotation: “At last of all he was also seen by me as an untimely birth” (1 Corinthians 15: 1-8); Another biblical passage in Acts 9: 1-19

New strength

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There are days when we feel full of power and strength. We are motivated to achieve our goals and we tackle everyday tasks with ease and joy and we succeed in everything. However, some days we are weak and powerless, tired and without motivation.

There can be several reasons for this, maybe our balance between activity and rest has become unbalanced, we lack sleep or we have an unhealthy diet. It can also be that certain circumstances make us tired and keep our thoughts busy.

In order to regain our strength, we can pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, get enough sleep, move regularly and pay attention to what thoughts we give space in us. We can ask ourselves:

Who or what gives me strength?

Where can I recharge my batteries?

What strength do I live from?

When I lack strength and power, it helps me keep reminding myself that God is my strength. By believing in Jesus, the Holy Spirit and thus also his power lives in me. I don’t have to cope with my tasks on my own, God gives me his strength. Even when I am weak, God is my strength

. “My grace is all you need! Because it is precisely when you are weak that my power works especially on you ”2 Corinthians 12: 9

“Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might” Ephesians 6:10

I can say: “God, you are my strength!”, “Jesus you are my strength!”

“But we carry this treasure in fragile clay vessels, as we are, so that it becomes clear that the supreme power comes from God and not from us” 2 Corinthians 4: 7

I can come to God and let Him strengthen me again and again. Spending quiet time with him, a walk with God to find peace again, communicating with him and reading the Bible, as well as praise and worship are my sources of strength and filling stations.

“But those who wait in the LORD get new strength, that they soar with wings like eagles, that they run and not get tired, that they walk and never tire. ”Isaiah 40:31

Peace in the storm

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The sun doesn’t shine every day. Every now and then it can be windy, stormy and uncomfortable. The clouds cover the blue sky, it gets dark, cloudy and cold. Severe storms can also be dangerous and cause damage, e.g. B. floods, mudslides, hurricanes, lightning or hail.

In our life, too, we often go through stormy times. We experience difficult times, circumstances and crises that cloud our view. Situations that are uncomfortable and threatening for us. The current situation around Corona is also like a storm that mixes everything up, one wave after another hits us. Many people struggle with uncertainty, doubts, fears, worries or hopelessness.

However, we do not have to become the playball of the waves in our storms of life and be helpless at the mercy of them, there is a way to keep calm and peace in the midst of difficult circumstances. I found this calm in the storm through community, my relationship with God. There is also a story in the Bible about a storm in which Jesus was on a boat with his disciples:

Jesus stills the storm

“When evening came, Jesus said to his disciples,“ We ​​want to go to the other side of the lake. Jesus was already in the boat. So the disciples released the crowd, got into the boat with him, and drove off. Several other boats went with them. But soon afterwards a violent storm arose and high waves pounded the boat until it was almost completely full of water. Meanwhile, Jesus was sleeping in the back of the boat with his head on a pillow. In their desperation they finally woke him up and shouted: “Teacher, don’t you mind that we perish?” Jesus woke up, threatened the wind and commanded the water: “Be silent!” Shut up! ‘Immediately the wind died down and there was a deep silence. And he asked the disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? ”Fearful they said to each other:“ Who is this man that even wind and waves obey him? ”

If we take Jesus with us on our ship of life, if he is our captain, if we believe and trust in him, we must not be afraid. Jesus has everything under control and he can work miracles at any time. Wind and waves obey him. We will not go down with Jesus in the boat. We can fix our eyes on him, ask him for help, and let him help us. We can keep our peace because God is with us and leads and guides us through the storms. God is greater than any storm that threatens us. We can find our rest in God, be hopeful and confident. It is our foundation and gives us support. Jesus brings us to the safe shore. He is the anchor in need.

“To know what an anchor is, we need the storm” Quote from Corrie ten Boom

Storms also have their positive sides. They make us aware that we cannot do everything on our own and that we need a savior. When we get weak, God is our strength.

“My grace is all you need. My strength is shown in your weakness ”2 Corinthians 12: 9

The storms also make us grow in faith and in our relationship with God.

When my heart trusts in you and look at your love I find peace, I find peace can I defeat storm and waves In the midst of turbulent times Your presence will always be with me. Even in the greatest uncertainty with you is peace always. My troubled heart becomes still and comes to rest for the God who keeps my peace is you. (Ulrike Nägele)

“Anyone who listens to what I have said and acts accordingly is wise. You can compare him to a man who builds his house on rocky ground. If a downpour comes down, the water rises, and the storm rattles the house, it will still not collapse because it is built on rock. ”Matthew 7: 24-25

“If you are safe from God before the storm, he will also take care of you during the storm” quote from Dèborah Rosenkranz

Transformed like a butterfly

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The last few days I was able to spot the first butterflies while walking. Butterflies are fascinating and beautiful. Their different colors and shapes make them unique. They spread their wings and fly with amazing ease.

It is also very interesting to think about how such a beautiful butterfly develops. He is not born that way, but actually undergoes a transformation. Their existence begins as an egg, which later turns into a caterpillar. This caterpillar grows and grows until a hard shell forms around its body. In the end it comes out of this shell as a butterfly. A new creation has arisen, a marvel of God.

Just as God can transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly, he can transform us humans into a new creation. As soon as we accept Jesus into our hearts by faith, something completely new begins in us. A process of transformation begins through relationship and fellowship with God. Jesus was born for us and paid for our debt with death on the cross. By believing in his sacrifice, we are cleansed and free

. “All who welcomed him and believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” John 1:12

Faith in Jesus brings us back into fellowship with God and removes all separation. The more we become aware of his love for us, the more we experience his presence and closeness. God’s love changes our hearts. God’s love transformed:

  • Fear in courage
  • Sadness in joy
  • Heaviness in lightness
  • Doubt in faith
  • Hopelessness in confidence
  • Darkness in light
  • Worry in peace
  • Dissatisfaction in gratitude
  • Restlessness at rest
  • Bound in freedom
  • Death in life

In the encounter and relationship with God we can develop, blossom and discover our uniqueness.

God doesn’t disappoint

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Disappointment is the failure to fulfill a wish or an expectation. Disappointment describes the feeling that a hope has been shattered or unexpected grief has been caused. I think each of us has experienced minor or major disappointments in our lives. We are disappointed when a situation does not turn out the way we thought it would, when things turn out differently than expected. We can also be disappointed of other people if, they act differently than we expected or if promises are not kept. We can also be disappointed in ourselves, if we don’t achieve what we set out to do.

Disappointments are part of life and inevitable, because circumstances do not always go according to plan and unpredictable things happen. People will also disappoint us every now and then, because no one is perfect or flawless. In the same way we will consciously or unconsciously disappoint people, because it is not possible to fullfill all expectations.

Disappointment often also arises when we have wrong expectations or when we place our trust and our expectations in wrong things. Not everything and everyone who promises us something is trustworthy.

“If he trusts in values ​​that do not support him, he is deceiving himself, only disappointment will be his reward.” Job 15:31

What can we ultimately trust in? Whom can we trust unconditionally? Who or what is really wearing?

God alone is the one who can never let us down. He keeps his promises and what he says is certain. His word is truth and we can always rely on it. God does not make mistakes and we can trust him in every situation. If we confide in him, we don’t run the risk of being disappointed. God has a good plan for our life.

“Good for the man who trusts in you” Psalm 84:13

“Everything he does is perfect and just. He is a rock – you can always rely on him. He keeps what he promises; he is righteous and faithful. ”Deuteronomy 32: 4

God’s love for us is constant and always the same. Even when we go through challenges and difficult situations, it doesn’t mean that God has let us down. God has never promised us a life without suffering and difficulties, but he has promised that in the midst of these situations he will always be with us and with us and on this promise we can rely 100%.

“Christ says: See, I am with you all the days until the end of the world.” Matthew 28:20

“Then you will know that I am the Lord on whom one can hope without being disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23

Die wertvollste Beziehung

Lesedauer < 1 Minute

Wir Menschen sind für Beziehungen geschaffen. Umso härter trifft es viele von uns während der Corona-Zeit. Soziale Kontakte sollen auf ein Minimum beschränkt werden, und das macht viele Menschen sehr einsam. Es gibt aber eine Beziehung, die jeder von uns haben sollte und die ist auch nicht durch Corona-Regeln eingeschränkt.

Do you believe in miracles?

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What are miracles? Miracles are inexplicable phenomena and extraordinary events that astonish us. It can be a surprise, a happy turn in life, a cure, preservation or a natural wonder.

Whether we recognize and perceive miracles, depends on our point of view and above all on our faith. When we do not have faith, we take miracles as coincidences or luck, or we take for granted what is actually a miracle. We can live like nothing is a miracle or like everything is a miracle. Erich Kästner writes in a quote:

“Those who believe in miracles experience miracles”

When I look at the world and think about my life, everything is actually a miracle for me. Starting with the fact, that there is a huge galaxy with so many stars and planets, that there is the earth and life on it, to the miracle of man, who is made ingenious and unique. I think the lyrics of Alexa Feser’s song “Wunderfinder” are appropriate. She sings in the chorus:

“Are you a miracle child or blind to miracles? Tell me if you understand that we are a miracle. This world is getting more and more blind to miracles, if you can see them, you are a wonderfinder. “

If I keep my eyes open, I can discover miracles every day. For me miracles are signs of God’s presence and his actions. God shows himself in them and says to me “I am there”. Miracles happen, I just have to see them. Numerous miracles of God are reported in the Bible, in God’s Word:

Passage of the people of Israel through the Red Sea Exodus 16-22

Transformation of water into wine at the wedding in Cana John 2: 1-12

Calming the storm Markus 4.35-41

Jesus walks in the sea John 6: 16-21

Healing of the man born blind John 9: 1-7

Feeding the 5000 John 6: 1-15

Raising Lazarus from the dead John 11, 32-45

Jesus’ resurrection John 20, 1-10

Signs and wonders still happen today.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” Hebrews 13: 8

Where our possibilities end, God’s possibilities begin. Our hopelessness is the starting point for God’s work. Faith is the key to experiencing miracles. God is supernatural and responds to our beliefs.

“All things are possible to him who believes” Mark 9:23

Therefore, let’s expect miracles and be thankful for miracles great and small that God does every day.

  • Every time the sun comes up a miracle happens
  • Every time I watch nature I see a miracle
  • Every time a child is born a miracle happens
  • Every time people reconcile, forgive one another, a miracle happens
  • Every time a prayer is answered a miracle happens
  • Every time we experience protection a miracle happens
  • Every time God gives us his peace, a miracle happens
  • Every time God frees us from worries and burdens, a miracle happens
  • Every time God opens new doors for us, shows us new possibilities, a miracle happens
  • Every time people understand God’s love and accept His grace, a miracle happens
  • It is God who works miracles, innumerable many, so great that we cannot understand them